Community Involvement is Important to Matt

I am a member of the Community Outreach team at GM and the Program Coordinator of the GM Student Corps. GM Student Corps was launched by GM in 2013 as an innovative community-building program that provides high school students the opportunity to learn, earn and lead. Students are challenged to create, plan and execute community service projects in their own schools and neighborhoods. The students are guided in this process and mentored by GM retirees who are invested in the personal and professional development of these young adults. I have a special connection to this program as my journey with GM started as an intern in Student Corps.

In the program, I was able to see firsthand the difference that our projects could make and the ripple effect that they had in the schools and neighborhoods. It made a tremendous impression on me that GM was committed to these communities and that GM retirees, who could be doing anything that they choose, decided to spend their summer as mentors in the program. After three incredible years as a Student Corps intern, I was hired into GM to help lead the program. – Matthew Ybarra, Student Corps. Coordinator

GM Student Corps is just one of multiple signature programs managed by the Community Outreach team. Our team mobilizes and supports employees that volunteer to serve and improve the communities in which we live and work around the world under the name of teamGM Cares. GM employees have a rich history of involvement in the community and our department serves as the resource hub to support volunteers, connect them with opportunities, track hours and to tell the story of GM volunteers.

Giving back where we live and work is one way to contribute towards creating safe, sustainable communities and is extremely rewarding. In addition, giving back is critical for developing and attracting future talent as well as boosting employee engagement and teambuilding. A healthy, strong community means a healthy, strong GM. In 2017, GM employees from around the world volunteered over 120,000 hours. I am extremely proud and energized to work for a company that demonstrates this level of commitment to the community.




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