General Motors is a strong American manufacturer with a history dating back to 1908. Today the company is directly responsible for more than 95,000 US jobs and is the economic lifeblood of communities throughout the country.

A thriving and successful GM is essential to America’s competitive strength. Numerous public policy issues can positively or negatively impact the way GM builds vehicles for our customers.

This is why GM Public Policy proactively advocates for legislation that contribute to the future success of American manufacturing and keep our country’s vehicles and services competitive on a global scale. Issues facing the company and country include corporate tax reform, trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS), protecting the company’s intellectual property and proper incentives for research and development initiatives.

These issues are at the core of what GM represents to its employees, retirees and to the entire country; and all are vital to GM’s current and future success. President Trump’s Administration is currently weighing the possibility of altering many of these rules and laws, but we are working hard to make GM’s voice heard throughout Washington.

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