Regulatory Affairs

Government regulations at the local, state and federal levels affect all aspects of GM’s business and can dramatically impact the company’s bottom line.

GM’s Public Policy department is engaged in all of these issues, including fuel economy standards here in the United States and abroad; regulatory compliance issues relating to safety, emissions, and other product regulatory standards; and electric vehicle incentives, which directly benefit our customers and help pave the way towards the future of mobility.

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Regulatory Affairs Issue Update: EV Tax Credit Legislation (March 2020)

Learn more about the status of the federal EV tax incentive.


Regulatory Affairs Issue Update: 2018 Sustainability Report

Learn more about GM's 2018 Sustainability Report.


Regulatory Affairs Issue Update: EV Tax Incentive Legislation (March)

Learn more about current EV tax incentive legislation and how it impacts GM.


2018 Sustainability Report Takeaways

Check out the major takeaways from GM's 2018 Sustainability Report


Regulatory Issue Update: 2017 Sustainability Report (July)

Check out the key takeaways from GM's 2017 Sustainability Report.


Key Achievements from the 2017 Sustainability Report

Check out GM's key achievements from the 2017 Sustainability Report.


5 Things to Know About the EPA's April Announcement

Learn more about the EPA's recent emission standards announcement and it's impact to GM!


Regulatory Affairs Issue Update: EV Adoption (March)

Learn more about how GM is working to increase EV adoption in the U.S.!


Dept. of Energy: EV Incentives

Learn more about all the EV incentives available throughout the U.S.

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Mary Barra at CERAWeek

Watch GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra discuss GM’s vision for a zero-emission future at CERAWeek in Houston, TX. (March 7, 2018)


CARB: Clean Car Standards

Learn more about the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) fuel economy standards.

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EPA: Fuel Economy

Learn more about the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) fuel economy standards.

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NHTSA: Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards

Learn more about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) fuel economy standards.

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2017 GM NA Public Policy Annual Report

Learn more about the work that GM NA Public Policy does and the issues that matter most to GM.



Make your voice heard on pending regulations!

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Regulatory Timeline

Check out this breakdown of all the stages of Federal Regulation.


Auto Alliance:
Fuel Economy is Rising

Learn more about how Fuel Economy impacts the entire auto industry.

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The Long and Winding Road to Harmonization

Check out our Fuel Economy 101 Infographic