To win in this dynamic, competitive environment, GM needs a talented, diverse, and happy workforce that shares a passion for solving today’s mobility challenges. At GM, we’re creating a culture, an energy and an attitude that says anything is possible, especially when we ensure that every employee has a chance to contribute to his or her full potential.

Numerous public policy issues can impact GM’s workforce and ability to recruit the best candidates. These issues include healthcare costs, retirement benefits, access to affordable education and training programs and immigration and visa allotment.

GM Public Policy closely monitors issues that may directly impact our employees and retirees and actively promotes initiatives that will benefit our team and help secure future generations of GM employees.

Check out the RESOURCES section below to learn more about the workforce topics that we are highly involved in whether it is in Washington, state capitals or communities that GM operates in across the country. All contribute to GM’s strong and happy workforce!


GM Engage Tele-Town Hall: Working Together to Amplify Social Justice

Listen to our latest Tele-Town Hall on Social Justice with Telva McGruder, Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) and Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI).

Listen Now

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Workforce Issue Update: GM's Diversity and Inclusion Report (September)

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