Keeping GM Compliant is Important to Phillip

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Fun facts about me, I love the Cadillac CTS-V, I am a FIRST Robotics Coach and a Photographer! I previously spent 7 years in Manufacturing (Metal Fabrication Division Parma, Oklahoma City Assembly & Fairfax Assembly), 8 years in Manufacturing Engineering (Scalable Error Proofing Subject Matter Expert (SME) & Plant Floor Systems Lead at Fort Wayne Assembly) and I have just completed my first year in Global Product Development Labels Engineering.

Phillip’s Robotic Team

I am responsible for staying abreast of all regulations regarding labels for the countries in which GM sells vehicles, and ensuring compliance. – Phillip Lewis, BOM Family Owner – Labels: Computer Generated and Pre-printed Labels

The cool thing about being a Label Bill of Materials Family Owner is that at some point of their vehicle ownership, every customer will look to a label for information. When they need to know their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), suggested tire pressure, or air conditioner refrigerant charge values, they are experiencing the diligent work of the label engineering team. Who buys a car and doesn’t want to see how much it costs? We have a label for that too.


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