Safety is Important to MaryAnn

I am an engineering specialist in the Global Safety Center. I work on different safety technologies including the Teen Driver technology, passenger airbags and autonomous vehicle restraints.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend most of my career working in vehicle safety. The work we do as safety engineers gives me a strong sense of purpose. It directly impacts the lives of people on the road. We get to help save lives. That’s a pretty cool reason to come to work. – MaryAnn Beebe, Engineering Specialist – Teen Driver

I’ve had the privilege of working on safety technologies such as the Teen Driver technology that helps teach teens safer driving habits. Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for teens, and Teen Driver is designed to address some of the factors that lead to teen crashes and fatalities. Teen Driver also helps give parents a greater peace of mind and gives them a tool to help coach their new drivers, even when they can’t be in the vehicle with them. When my kids start driving, I will be thankful that there are technologies like this that help ease the fear of handing the keys over to your new driver.

There are many different roles in vehicle safety, yet so much of what we do is in concert with the National Highways Safety Administration (NHTSA). While working as a NHTSA liaison in Washington, DC, I learned first-hand, the importance of being proactive toward the policies that influence the important work that we do. Because ultimately, we have the same goal. Making vehicles safer for all.




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