A Strong and Happy Workforce is Important to J.C.

I’m lucky enough to say that I am second generation GM employee. My father worked for and retired from GM, and I grew up knowing how great of a company it is.

Building on that foundation, I’ve spent several years in GM manufacturing; traveling the world in numerous assignments. Each assignment introduced me to incredible people, and I tried to learn something from each one. The work was challenging, but I gained valuable knowledge and experience. The better I knew GM systems and tools, the better I could do my job, and, eventually, help others.

As the plant manager at Arlington Assembly, I now do just that — help and guide others. Arlington has an incredible team, and it’s a privilege work with the incredible people here.

In vehicle manufacturing, you can have an incredible design, the latest technology and tools and an excellent facility, but without people, nothing would happen. Vehicles don’t build themselves!

It’s not enough to have team members present; we hope to have our people happy and fully engaged in the work they do. A happier workforce is committed to business objectives because they feel part of the organization. A fully engaged workforce is more accountable and produces better quality products. People who are happy to be at work take the initiative to suggest improvements and do so in a spirit of collaboration. – Juan Carlos “J.C.” Jimenez, Plant Manager, GM Arlington Assembly

It’s because of our people that Arlington Assembly is successful.

My ultimate hope is for Arlington to be the industry benchmark in production, safety and environmental sustainability as well as a workplace of choice. Our products (Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, Suburban, and GMC Yukon) are leaders in their segments, and I hope our team continues that tradition of building world class rides with Texas pride.

We can’t achieve any of these goals without our employees. Success is just not possible without them.

Earning customers for life depends on an engaged workforce. They come to work every day for us, and it’s our responsibility to provide the best work environment possible. I’m working to build that environment and to strengthen our team so we can achieve continuous success for GM.




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